Ethernet Shield and Homebrew... not working

I'm designing a garage door opener that will work over the internet for a buddy. I am using a home-brew arduino that I designed to save money. At the moment I'm using the Yourduino Ethernet shield for the connection to the network. Everything is connected using jumper wires in a semi-permanent fashion. When I put everything together is does not work. Right now, Firefox times out and say that the web page is taking to long to respond.

What I have tested or confirmed.

I have the SPI lines from the MCU wired to the ISP connector (because I read that the headered pins do not connect, which I had connected first). Actually, at one point I had the headered pins and the ISP connected.

I have confirmed that every SPI pin from the ISP to the MCU (at the ATmega) is connected and not shorted, I made sure that pin10, Vcc, Gnd, and RST also checked out. I connected both the 5v and 3v3 pins and of course... the gnd on the upper left hand header.

I have verified that the code and shield work using the same shield and a uno.

I have verified that the home-brew works by running another code for the relays (another part of the project)

At one point I made sure to connect pin2 to the shield because I read that this was the "ethernet interrupt" and was unsure if that was the problem.

For what it's worth the home-brew is running a ATmega 328P-PU at 5V/16mHz.

I don't understand why this is not working!!!... What else could be the problem? I have ordered the WIZnet module, instead of the shield to use but I still don't see why this is a dud.

I'll try to gather some pictures and whatnot to help.

BTW, all the leds on the shield are lit and blinking accordingly. It just appears that the two components arn't talking.

Home brew board. There are a few small mistakes in the silk screen and a small Vcc mistake but use it just for pin to pin reference.

Sorry for the very dark picture… This is just a over all shot.

Home-brew MCU pins (rainbow cable is connected pin to pin so purple should be pin10 on both ends)

Connection at the shield.

Connection at the ISP header. NOTE!!! that the wire on the left is actually connected to the upper center pin! Also note, that the red wire on the 3x1 connector is 5v, white is 3v3 and black is gnd. The random white wire soldered to the board goes to the MCU reset.

Let me know if there is anything else I need to post.

Does the Ethernet shield and code work with a real Arduino?

How are you programming it? If the IDE, what board are you selecting? Maybe the pins are different on your board?

I have tested and confirmed the code and shield work on a store bought UNO.

Oh boy... I guess I should have read the manual!

I have the board bootloaded as a Arduino Pro mini/mini Atmega 328 5v/16mHz. The IDE is version 22.

I read that although SPI communications are possible, they are not included in the IDE :(

The reason why I bootloaded the board as a Mini is because when I had it bootloaded as a UNO I was getting an sync error when uploading code (which I don't know why). The bootloader burns fine (with no errors) but the standard blink code that is placed on the chip by default doesn't work. And when I'm uploading code from the IDE, about 75% of the time I get that sync error.

I think I may have figured it out... I'll have to wait until I get home to confirm but from what I read, the 1.0 IDE implemented the 328 on the mini board. So I guess this means that the 22 IDE was bootloading and programming the mini as a 168? And because of that, where I read in the hardware section on the Arduino web site, SPI was not supported on the 168.

It should work if I bootload and program thru 1.0 IDE.

Please let me know if this sounds right.


Ok... The problem has something to do with the SPI link between the two... The annoying thing is that the SPI works for the SD slot.

I'm seeking further help from the MCU arduino forum.

Thanks guys.