Ethernet shield and Mega 2560

Hi to all. I was working on a project with some lcd, ethernet shield and some sensors and buttons. today, i finished some parts and upload it to my arduino. after some mistakes, when i upload again then it gave an error message which means doesn't find arduino on any port. i looked port and it was correct. then i noticed, when i remove ethernet shield, code was uploaded. when i connect it, it wasnt uploaded. and when i upload code and then connect the ethernet shield, i saw that, web page and pinouts works normal. but i couldn't see any reply on the serial monitor. when i close the monitor and try to open it again, it gave same problem. any code works good on arduino. and serial monitor works when ethernet shield removed. i couldn't find anything. all things seems good. no missing parts on it. what should i do ? and i tried same things with arduino 1.0.4, 1.5.4 and 1.5.6. all the software gave same problem.

sorry for english mistakes if there is one :stuck_out_tongue:


I am also experiencing this problem. I can only upload new code when the ethernet shield is removed. This is with a non-official ethernet W5100 based board. When the shield is in place, serial monitor does work, but upload does not. It doesn't give back any error other than a timeout.

I do find the recognition of the mega 2560 board by my laptop to be quirky. Sometimes I have to shut down the IDE before plugging the usb cable in, for it to be recognized and not show "com port not found" error.