Ethernet Shield and Timer interrupts

I cant find anywhere if, or which, timers may be used with the ethernet shield and ethernet.h. The reason I ask, I am successful at explicitly sending a message and then waiting for a reply in 'main' code. As soon as I try to put the ehternet messaging in an attatched timer interrupt, things no longer work and it doesn't appear to return from the interrupt. I've stubbed code in that should print acknowledgment after a return, but it never happens. I've tried using timer1 and also timer3 as the attatched interrupt timer. I have a Mega2560 R3

What am I missing/over looking?

What am I missing/over looking?

Two things, that I can see. First is the need to post your code when you ask a question like this.

Second is the need to keep interrupt handlers FAST!. Sending anything via ethernet is not fast. Also, sending stuff via ethernet requires interrupts to be enabled. They are not in an ISR.


i have the same problem...and i think the problem is that the Ethernet Shield and all the Timers are using the pin 10!? Could be this the reason? If it is so, how could it be solved?


and all the Timers are using the pin 10!?

Timers don't use pins. Certain USES of timers, like PWM, affect certain pins.

Once again, it is not possible to give a blanket answer. The solution depends on HOW your code is using time-base interrupts, and which Arduino you have and which timer you are diddling with - none of which you have told us.

Can anybody solved this problem?

Can anybody solved this problem?

There was not a specific problem being addressed. What problem are YOU having?