Ethernet shield and tlc5940lib

I have to use these 2 components with the Duelmilnove, they both use the spi. I would like to know if there is an incompatibility or it should work right away ? The other way is to let the Ethernet shield use the spi and put the tlc5940 lib in bitbang mode.

What is the best way ?

Thank for your help

A small update

I modify the ethernet shield following this : to free the pwm of pin 9 and 10. Look at my comment at the end of the page as the beginning is for the arduino mega. I load a sketch with the ethernet library (modified) and the tlc5940 library (modified to be in bit bang mode) and I still have the etherent working. I am in the process to test with the tlc. I will post result later

So , it is working , the ethernet shield together with the tlc 5940. The ethernet shield with the previous modification and the tlc5940 in bit bang mode (XERR is not use as it must be change to another pin, this will be next step) If somebody can test it and confirm it.