Ethernet Shield and WiFi Shield

Do both the Ethernet Shield Arduino WiFi Shield work with Zero?

I am in doubt because they were designed for boards powered at 5v, Zero works at 3.3v instead

Thank you


Just entered here to do the same question!!

I've opened an issue in Github about lack of documentation: [DOC] In shield's pages a "Compatibility section" is missing · Issue #4159 · arduino/Arduino · GitHub

Well, the answer seems to be "Yes", at least for the Due (which workt at 3,3V too)..

It's quite surprising that in the IoT era no one knows how to connect this board to internet. This peace of information should be available directly from the Zero product page also because Ethernet and WiFi shield have been around for years now.

I own both the Shields and I am wondering how much I have to spend to keep updated with the Arduino platform.

Not to mention that because I live in Europe I cannot still buy the WiFi Shield 101 right now.

If I cannot connect Zero to the network, I have to look for alternatives that I can buy right now.

Hey Arduino, anything to say about that?