Ethernet Shield - Cable present?

Hi together,

I am a newbie wit Arduino and am really impressed about the possibilities. Within my first project I set the clock of a TinyRTC modul once a day over NTP to the correct time and show it on a LCD. Everything works fine when the ethernet cable is connected to the board. If not, the sketch stops at "if (Ethernet.begin(mac) != 0) .." till the timeout is over.
My question is now if it is possible to check if a cable is pluged before starting to configure the ethernet connection? I have searched for I little while now but can't find a hint.
Thx for the help and excuse my bad englisch :wink:

The unfortunate answer is "you can't". The w5100 does not have that capability. However, the newer version from Wiznet, the w5200, does have that capability, along with double the number of sockets available.

Thx for the answer, unfortunately that is what I had expect. So my sollution will be to reduce the DHCP timeout.