Ethernet shield Cannot connect my pc if use HUB 5 port

hi my name is riza, Iam from Indonesia. I have a problem with arduino + ethernet shield in my project. when i connect my laptop to the ethernet directly using a straight cable I can connect with ethernet. but if I use HUB 5port I can not connect. if I ping (destination host unreachable) please help. thank you

but if I use HUB 5port I can not connect.

How is that an Arduino problem?

Have a look at this thread ....

I had a problem using an 8 port SWITCH.
However when I changed to an 8 port HUB it worked fine.

It seems that most modern devices are Switches (as against Hubs)
I was fortunate that I have on old Intel Hub.

Also, it seems that some cheap Ethernet shields (like the HanRun ones I use) have a wrong resistor fitted and this changes the impedence that will be seen by the Switch or Hub.