Ethernet Shield - code to close connection & drop link?

Hi all,

I am trying to write code to 'blink' a switchport by connecting an arduino that will start an ethernet session and close it every 1-3 seconds or so, to identify the switch port on the other side. I found ethernet.begin but it appears there is no ethernet.end or ethernet.close. Is there any way to do this? I looked into a software reset with asm volatile (" jmp 0"); but this doesn't seem to lose link either (except once in a rare while).

Anyone have any ideas what I can do? This should be super easy..

Thanks :)

Perhaps you could request a DHCP again, but I don't know the consequences in the long run.

Perhaps you could create a client and do a request. A request to the router, or to a webpage outside the netwerk on the internet. A timing service request will perhaps also make the switch blink.