Ethernet Shield DC Motor


I have a project which is controling a DC motor via the ethernet shield.

I have already made the code for the servomotor (and it works pretty great : you can find it below)
I have also made a code with a H bridge to control the DC motor : rotating direction, speed and it works great (without the shield).

I have tried to transfer the ‘local code’ of the DC motor to the ‘connected’ version of the servo and BOUM !
The motor isn’t even turning.

I have spent 2 hours on this code and I haven’t been able to find any soluton.

Any help would be a pleasure …

DC_LOCAL : the local version of the DC which works
DC WITH ETHERNET : which doesn’t work
Arduino with ethernet : ethernet shield with Servomotor which works

DC_local_OK.ino (1.15 KB)

DC_with_ethernet_shield_ok.ino (5.76 KB)

arduino_with_ethernet_shield_ok.ino (6 KB)