Ethernet shield fails to connect to internet via network switch (d-link)

I want to network a bunch of arduinos for setting timer for some machines in my factory.
I have a huwei router with RJ45 Port . when connected from the router port directly to the arduino. it is connected to internet. but if i connect the internet connection cable to via my office network switch . it dows not connect . even if i provide a the ip address manually. is there any hardware compatiblity problem with the ethernet shield and a network switch ..

in short ..

Router -----------> ethernet shield (connecting to internet )
Router ---------->D-link switch --------->ethernet shield (no connection)

With my d-link switch an Arduino UNO with Ethernet Shield has perfect connection to my network (I don't allow it to access the Internet on my firewall). So it's probably not a general problem.

Does the switch have status LEDs? If yes, do they show an active link? If it's a gigabit switch, does the link status say fast ethernet?

Provide a link to the switch specification/manual.

Thanks for the reply..

-->yes the switch have status led's and they are active and blink periodically
-->yes the link led in the arduino is also active
-->yes it is a gigabit switch

"does the link status say fast ethernet?"(how do i check this

this is the link to the switch specification/manual

"does the link status say fast ethernet?"(how do i check this

It looks like your device doesn't support this.

Unfortunately (for your purpose) your device is a green ethernet device which means that it deactivates ports that it thinks aren't used. I've replaced all devices in my network that has this "feature" because it doesn't work correctly in my experience. But my devices always allowed a connection directly after plugging in a device. Is it possible for you to check that? Devices that didn't work correctly on green switches worked for at least a few minutes after plugging them in.

If your Arduino works for a few minutes and then doesn't have a connection anymore, it might be necessary to replace the switch by a model that doesn't have the "green" feature.

Thanks for your advices . i tried it with a 10/100 switch too but it didnt work. finally after much try .i decided to use a 4 port router . the problem is temporarily solved for the project .