ethernet shield fried

Today while I was using my Arduino ethernet shield i was pluggin in a wire and it got loose on me. It fell on several of the pins on the wiznet chip causing some shorts. Now the chip doesn’t connect anymore to my arduino. I’m guessing that the wiznet chip is fried. I know it’s surface mount, but would it be very difficult to fix? Would there be a company that could do this for me (I’m in Australia)? The chip is only around $5 and it seems a shame to spend another $45. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I wonder if a company would do it for free. If not then the price difference between a new shield and repairing it will be far less than the currently predicted $40.

Perhaps more relevant is the fact that I wonder if you know for sure it's (only) the Wiz chip that has been fried. It can be that the chip is still in perfect working order and that other components did not like you to shortcut them. Or both the chip and other components are bust.

Replacing the chip won't solve this, so you need (someone) to check this. Which brings the pricegap between a new (and guaranteed working) shield and a repairjob even further down to zero.


first turn everything off. put silver foil all over the board and make sure it contacts all chip pins keep this there for and hour or so with a brickif need be.

Reason being I have found a lot of electronics have inbuilt protection and also probably capacitors which charge up and do not discharge quickly ie through a high ohmage resistor that takes time to dissipate.