Ethernet shield getting hot when using Arduino as ISP?

Hi, first would this go under microcontroller or Networking?
Anyway, I have my Arduino set up with the ISP program, and all the correct pins connected to an ATTiny85. When I attach these pins to an Ethernet shield, the ISP program appears to work, but the Wiznet chip on the shield gets EXTREMELY hot. Is it supposed to do this, when I'm not doing anything with the shield? I don't even have a network cable connected.

Don't panic. Running unreasonably hot is normal for Arduino stuff and the Ethernet shield just makes a bad situation worse. I don't know what voltage you are using, or your power arrangements, but maybe the Tiny uses off-board regulated power and thus you have been spared of the problem, but it isn't serious. The on-board regulators are crude devices but don't actually burn anything except perhaps your fingers. I believe the Ethernet shield will get even hotter when you start doing something with it.

I believe they get pretty hot even with just power from the USB cable.

Phew, I thought my Ethernet shield was bad or something. Yeah, it gets especially hot when doing network functions, but I'm glad it's normal.