Ethernet Shield no work with switch? ;-;

Ethernet Shield it doesn't work using a switch, but when I connected it to my wifi router it worked perfectly (I've already tested the switch by connecting to my PC and it's working)

Ethernet Shield not compatible with switches? (tested with two different ones)

I have two theories
1- MAC addrs (or some other switch config)
2- My shield is parallel (china), and I was researching and I found a guy saying he has a wrong resistor (R511) that should be 49.9ohms.

I have multiple Ethernet shields connected to switches, and they all work.

I did one more test at another point, still unanswered, I have 4 points spread out. Internet arrives from the street (1) and spreads to 2 switches (2,3), one of the switches (No. 2) sends it to my wifi router (4), the only one working

I put a new switch on the router (4-is working), but the arduino does not respond too, when I turn on the router directly (4) it works. aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Portuguese, but it's working <3

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