Ethernet Shield not stackable with SPI ?


I bought the Arduino Ethernet Shield Rev3 WITHOUT PoE Module (A000072) and wonder, that I cannot put another shield on top using the SPI. There are no SPI Pins for the next shield.

Is there any particular reason for that? I thought the SPI is dedicated to connect multiple devices (shields).

Thanks for discussing this question

You could use my Uno shield on top of the Ethernet shield to get access to the ICSP header back. I don't know if other protoboard shields retain the ICSP header like this.

Just checked the sparkfun protoshield - only Reset is brought over to the ICSP header holes.


Is there a technical reason for not passing through the SPI pins? I would like to use two (or more) shields all using the SPI interface. The layout of the ethernet shield would force me to use it as top most shield...


PS: I'm writing SPI since I'm using the Due

No idea. Maybe just ran out of room?

I have a Mega/Due shield as well.

Are the six SPI pins passed to the screw-connectors as well?

Yes, SCK-MISO-MOSI come from 51-52-53 (50-51-52? whatever SPI is on the Mega) and Reset/+5/Gnd come from the power header.