Ethernet Shield Not Working

So I am new at all of this, I recieved the ethernet shield (from Sparkfun) and I have tried to get it working but I am having problems.

I can run the example sketch ChatServer with an ip/gateway/subnet defined within my network. It works fine because it is running locally on my network.

I have tried to use the WebClient example with the same ip/gateway/subnet that i used with the ChatServer example and all I seem to get is "connection failed..." and then "disconnected"

I have no idea what is wrong, I port forwarded port 80, but still nothing....and there seems to be nothing out there to help me. :-?

I port forwarded port 80

Bad idea: for a client, you don’t need it, because port forwarding is for allowing outside connections to port 80 on your ISP-assigned address to get in to a particular machine on your LAN. For a server, you don’t want it, because port 80 is one of the most popular ones for mischief-makers to probe. If you’re going to allow outside connections to your Arduino, it’s better to pick some oddball port number: it’ll greatly reduce the number of probes the poor little Arduino has to suffer from among the millions of zombie PCs that bad guys have searching for vulnerable systems. I usually go with something in the 8000 range for embedded systems. But not 8080, because that’s a popular “alternate” port number for web servers, so it gets probed a lot, too.

You’re probably getting the connection failure because the IP address in the webclient example is outdated: I tried with wget, and it failed, too. And “host” now returns a completely different set of addresses. Interestingly, google gave me a 403 error when I tried to wget from one of those IPAs. Maybe google is tired of being the world’s “client test site” ::slight_smile:

I think the WebClient example needs to be updated, probably to include the use of HTTP 1.1: so many sites are on shared hosts these days that any choice of server runs the risk of mystery failures.

Meanwhile, there should be some other examples posted on the forum that you could use to test with.