Ethernet Shield on leonardo

I am having difficulty with a W5200 shield ( from Elecrow) on my Leonardo. I am using the library from he Elecrow web site.

First off I loaded the WebServerWithSD and I don't get any message telling me the "initialization done." message. Trying the same shield and code on a Mega 2560 works perfectly.

I can also run basic programs on the leonardo.

So am wondering what are the differences between the two platforms?

The Leonardo pinout is totally different.

eg. The shield probably needs SPI, the Leonardo doesn't have it in the right place.

I am not totally convinced that is the issue. SPI comes out on the ISP connect on both boards to match an 2x3 pin connector on the shield.

I try the simple ASCII Table program, the Mega2560 sends the table out the serial port as expected. However the Leonardo doesn't.

Actually that is not total true either. If I reset the leonardo the serial pot come to live and spits out the ASCII table.