Ethernet Shield on Linux

Hello. I recently purchased the ethernet shield as radioshack is going out of business, and mounted it on my Uno. I plugged it into the router, and the light on the shield remains orange. I loaded up the DhcpAddressPrinter sketch, inputted a MAC address, and there was no serial output. Is there some step I'm missing? I'm new to Arduino. Help please!

I dont have a answer but I am getting the same this. Is it for the Ethernet sheild W5200

If you are using the Radio Shack ethernet shield, last I heard it was a Seeed Studio shield. You must use the library for the w5200 IC. There is a link to the library on that page.

So, I installed that library. Very helpful. However, it has opened up a whole slew of new errors. I open up the DhcpAddressPrinter (the seedstudio version), and a few things happen. A) The EthernetV2_0.cpp does not turn orange (as libraries tend to) B) I uploaded the sketch, and the light remains orange on the board. C) I uploaded the sketch, and the serial monitor returns no output.

And yes, it is the w5200. No, I have never used one previously, so I do not have the old 5100 libraries installed.