Ethernet Shield Problems - pwr led off


I bought an arduino with atmega 328 and an ethernet Shield. The arduino board works ok, but the ethernet shield seems to have a problem... I plugged the ethernet shield over the arduino, powered on the boards (i.e. connect to the USB), and the pwr led of the ethernet shield doesn't works.

The arduino continues to work fine. I've tried to upload the Chat Server sample, but still nothing happens. Not even the network leds (the yellow and green on the RJ45 connector) lights up.

Is my ethernet shield broken? Is there any test that i can do?


Hmm. Is it an Arduino Duemilanove? Which ethernet shield? Are all the pins on the ethernet shield going into the pins on the Arduino okay? You could try measuring the +5V and GND pins on the ethernet shield with a multimeter. It sounds like you may just have a broken shield, though.