Ethernet Shield Problems...

Hey guys! So, I have been playing around with my Arduino for a little while now and I am currently trying to use my Ethernet Shield. I am trying to use it with a Sparkfun Redboard. I have tried the example program as well as a modified version of it and have had no luck. When I hook it up and turn it on, it seems to "crash my network"? Literally, I lose internet access on my computers and am unable to access the Arduino web server. I have had to reboot my modem just to get back online. First of all, how can it manage to break my entire LAN network? Second of all, what would cause that? I assume that the MAC address I am supposed to use is the one that was included with the Ethernet Shield right? Other than that i'm not sure what I could be doing wrong. Has anyone else had this issue? I would REALLY appreciate some help with this. Thanks!

OH, I have to add an ICSP header? REALLY ?!?!? WTF Sparkfun.... :confused: Time to burn my fingers XD

Okay, I have it working... but .. it just crashed my network again even though its working now..? confused

If it is crashing your network, it must be using an ip that is already assigned to another device. The best thing to do is post your code.

The RedBoard has compatibility issues.
Let us know which Ethernet Shield you are using and if it works with the 6 ICSP pins soldered in.