Ethernet Shield - RSS Feed - New Keyword Detected

Hi Forum,

Sort of new to Arduino but I'm currently working on a student project having trouble with programming it - From my knowledge I can use the Ethernet example in Arduino "WebClient" to connect and return the contents of a an RSS Feed with Ethernet Shield.

How would one go about saving Keywords as a new string, then if the Keyword is a 'new' keyword my motor will run (motor is programmed and ready). So what I'm trying to do is have the Arduino 'speak' to the RSS feed and run a motor when a new Keyword is detected.

Cheers and TIA!


Hi Arthur

Depending on how active this RSS feed is, you could end up with a large number of keywords which is a bit risky for keeping as strings in the very finite memory of your Arduino. One aproach might be to keep your dicstionary of known keywords in the EEPROM on board the Arduino. Each time a keyword is read, check that it's known already, and if not append it to the EEPROM list and do your motor thing.

You've still only got 1024 bytes of EEPROM, so that will be consumed quite quickly though.

Cheers! Geoff