Ethernet shield: search other machines by mac address

I'd like o use my arduino + ethernet shield to discover certain devices in my network and query them.
If I used a pc, I'd send a ping to, wait for responses and then I'd filter by MAC address the received packets (I assume the devices I want to query have similar MAC addresses) than I'd use RARP to get the IPs.
The problem is: I don't know ho to do this with Arduino + ethernet, as I've no idea about how to manage MAC layer using the Ethernet library.

Any suggestion?

Thank you!


I would like to use RARP protocol over Arduino (MKR Wifi 1010 or equivalent) to identify my device which IP often changes and I have to manualy change the IP address within my Arduino program...

Any solution plz ??

I didn't find anything to do this on Arduino

thx in advance !