Ethernet shield shows connected but arduino uno can't see it

Hi Guys,

I have a real issue, i've got a Arduino uno with a W5100 Ethernet shield (I know, the problematic one).
I can't read anything of my ethernet shield. It shows that it is receiving data(Rx) plus the simple blink sketch is working on the Ethernet shield to. But when I for example upload the Webserver it only shows in my Serial monitor This:

Ethernet WebServer Example
Ethernet shield was not found. Sorry, can't run without hardware. :frowning:

I think that is strange cause it is connected, every led what should be on is on!

Any ideas,


is SD card inserted? if yes, remove it or initialize with the SD library, or at least set pin 4 HIGH

No i have not a sd card inserted, cause it is such a little program. But i tried what you said, unfortunatly no luck

You might have to try a couple of different libs for the w5100.
I seem to recall having some minor issues (long time ago).

The LED's don't always mean much until you have the correct sketch to use it.
Always start with the easiest examples first before moving to more complex ones.
There are often ones that will get you your IP and print it back to the serial console.

Once you are that far then you can move along a little more.

Also moving to networking section for you.

can you add a photo of the shield attached to Uno?