Ethernet Shield SMD Ferrite Beads

Greetings - The Arduino Ethernet Shield has three (3) surface mount ferrite beads. The Eagle schematics don't give any details on the beads (e.g. Impedance, etc). Can anyone give me some more specifics on these beads?

Thanks - Jordan

The schematic indicates these are Wuerth-electronik WE-CBF parts using a 0805 package size.

The WizNet reference schematic specifies 1uH. At 100MHz that works out to an impedance of 628 ohms

I would use the closest value you can easily get for this.
Digikey's 732-1604-1-ND (Wueth Electronik 742792041) for example.

Thanks! I don't know why I didn't think to look at the W5100 datasheet for a reference schematic.

Thanks again - Jordan