Ethernet Shield Timer1 Interupts

H All,

Please excuse this question as this development environment is completely new to me.

I am trying to combine two pieces of code that work well in isolation but fail to work when brought together and with an official Ethernet shield added.

I know that the Ethernet shield uses pins 10-13 and that Timer1 uses PWM pins 9 & 10. Timer2 uses PWM pins 3 & 11. However I have been looking everywhere and I cannot find the answer...

Is it possible to use the standard Ethernet shield and still use Timer1 and/or Timer2 interrupts? I don't need the interrupt to be output on the pins 9 & 10 or 3 & 11, it only needs to generate a software interrupt. This is then used to control other digital I/O pins lower down the range that are not used. Alternatively, can the Pins that Timer1 uses be changes so as not to conflict with the Ethernet shield?

I know it is possible to control the digital pulses without using interrupts but the example I have that works uses interrupts and the code is very neat and tidy. If all else fails and software interrupts cannot be used then I know a different technique can be used.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

OK, I am a new'b and obviously missing something having had no replies all week?

Did I state something that obvious? My assumption is that you can't disable the use of the Timer1&2 pins without some lower level changes that are perhaps too advanced at this stage?

Any help or pointers would be appreciated.