ethernet shield to pc connection??

so here is my dilemma. i understand that the ethernet shield allows the arduino device internet access and am able to successfully execute the webclient example that is built-in by plugging the ethernet cord into the wall and into the ethernet shield. however, i am in college so i don't have access to a router or LAN capabilities.

my question is: 1. how would i make the arduino act as a server and use my browser to access it??? i don't have a 192.168.... ip address.

what I am trying to do is pretty much print data to a web interface similar to this example.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

how would i make the arduino act as a server

Run the WebServer example on the Arduino.

i don't have a 192.168.... ip address.

You'll need to have your ISP (internet service provider) assign you a static IP address.

You can connect the Arduino directly to the PC with a "crossover" cable, or buy a cheap second-hand Ethernet switch or hub* at a garage sale or off craigslist. Then you'd just need to manually configure the PC's Ethernet to have a 192.168.. address while it's connected to the Arduino.

If you're on a campus network, I think there's DHCP client code available for the Arduino. But that does add some complication you should try to avoid until you have a little experience with Ethernet.

  • The old hubs are especially cheap because they're slow, but you don't need speed for the Arduino connection. If you want to put the PC and Arduino on a network, spend the extra few bucks for a more-modern Ethernet switch, so it won't slow down the PC's internet connection.

thank you. got it working. i bought a router though instead.