Ethernet shield with Power-over-Ethernet support

Just in case anyone is interested, the prototypes of an Ethernet shield with PoE support have now been fabricated and the first production batch is underway. There are photos and more information at:

Should be really handy for sensor or control projects where you just want to run some cat-5 cable and don't want to worry about cabling power as well.

That looks really great.

I've also built a power-over-ethernet system, called the Imaguino, which I've written up in the playground. The Imaguino is really an industrial implementation of the Arduino Duemilanova circuit and the ethernet sheild, with opto-isolators, industrial connectors and so on.

Happy to share experiences if you like.

Regards Jonathan


Pretty neat. Is the dhcp/tftp bootloader publishable? How big does it end up being?

Is the dhcp/tftp bootloader publishable? How big does it end up being?

Let me have a few days to dig it out and get clearance from my old company and I'll put it up.

Of course, DHCP and TFTP booting are completely separate issues from POE, and this code will work with any W5100 ethernet card including the official ethernet shield.

Regards, Jonathan

Any chances to get the schematics for Imaguino, Would love to take a look! :D

Hello- I am very interested in the imaguino. Are they for sale?

I work for a company building interactive exhibits for museums. Most of the times we use PLC's, but this time the client has spec'd arduinos. I am hesitant of using a controller without opto-isolators, and dont have the time or inclination to rig up my own. I think I can use the POE feature as well. Thanks Andrew

Jonathan, thanks for posting this. I would love to have a POE Ethernet shield. I will probably order one today.

Laventhol, I am also interested in the imaguino. In fact, I found this thread after reading your write up in the playground. Any chance these are for sale? Can you publish the details of the network bootloader, this is what I am most interested in.