Ethernet shield with standalone atmega328P

Hi everyone !

I would like to use an ethernet shield with a standalone atmega328P. So I started to work with an official UNO. The shield is also an official shield from the arduino store.

So the shield stacked on the Uno, no problem, recognised by my DHCP.

Then, moved ahead, I removed the shield, plugged the ISP header with jumpers, the digital pin N°10, power and ground between the shield and the uno. And then, nothing, no hardware recognised ... Why ?

Did I missed to plug some pins ? ...

Thanks in advance

Did I missed to plug some pins ?

Pin 4 if you use the SD card.

Otherwise check for broken wires!

I had in mind that the Ethernet Shield was the first shield from Arduino that used the IOREF pin to select the correct voltage for the SPI bus but according to the schematics on the site I was wrong.

If you connect the ICSP pins you should only need D10 additionally as ICSP already includes 5V, GND and RESET. 3V3 is generated on the Ethernet Shield using a linear voltage regulator on-board.

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