Ethernet shield - won't reconnect after Ethernet disconnection

Hey guys.

I'm unsure whether this problem has affected anyone else, but with my Ethernet shield, when the Ethernet connection is disconnected then reconnected, I'm unable to access the Arduino anymore. I have to reset the Arduino to get another IP and then it's fine. Even if the Ethernet is disconnected momentarily, it still becomes inaccessible without a reset. This happens using the standard Ethernet examples, and the Ethernet library seems blissfully unaware that a disconnection has occurred.

Any ideas on how to detect it other than hacking a wire from the "link" LED to the Arduino? Mine's based on the Wiznet 5100 chip, so no link register. I could ping an address, or try accessing some webpage, but it seems like a real bodge.


Does it happen if you set a static IP on the Arduino?

I tested mine thoroughly and haven't run into that problem yet. I presume it is a problem with your router. Mine doesn't seem to care as long as the dhcp lease hasn't expired.