Ethernet shield

Ciao a tutti,volevo chiedervi che differenze ci sono tra queste 2 ethernet shiled? 1_ 2_

The biggest difference is the Ethernet controller chip used 1. Ethernet Shield 2: uses W5500 Ethernet controller. You will need to use the Ethernet2 library ( or another Ethernet library that supports W5500. The current version of the Ethernet library included with the Arduino IDE does not support W5500. It also has some "TinkerKit" connectors for whatever that's worth.

  1. I had to use the Wayback Machine just to view that link but it looks like you're referring to the Arduino Ethernet Shield ( This shield uses the W5100 Ethernet controller. It is compatible with the Ethernet library included with the Arduino IDE.

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Thanks a lot,sorry for my italian :)

No problem, I understood your question and I'm glad if you could understand my English.