Ethernet simple test fails

Hi everyone, I am a student and have no experience with Arduino programming at all. For 2 days I am trying to connect my Galileo gen. 1 for a simple webClient check with no luck. I am connecting the Galileo device to my router using Ethernet cable. I think that it is not getting IP from the router. I am running the example program : Examples->Ethernet->webClient (the one trying to get data from google).

Ethernet.begin(mac) return 1 which is good I guess, but client.connect(server, 80) fails {server = (173,194,33,104), google}

The weird thing is, that when I am going to my router's config page while the program is running, in the devices list the Galileo is not there! (I can see my laptop, Pc and smartphones). Shouldn't he listed there?

I will really appreciate any help possible... Thanks!

The Galileo apparently does not use the Wiznet W5100 IC for the ethernet IC, and it doesn't (according to the Gen 1 datasheet) use the SPI bus. That would make it incompatible with the Arduino ethernet library.