Ethernet UDP Send ASCII character "Broken Pipe" (must be 221)


I want to send the Character "Broken Pipe" = "¦" which must be ASCII Character #221 via the command


but it only sends the character "."

Can you help me?


I show the broken pipe as ascii 166.

Tank you SurferTim,

I also tried the 166 but everything seems to bring an "Ÿ" Character at the receiver. Or an "Â". I also have to use the command "UDP.write" because the iBoard has the Ethernet Connection via the SPI Bus...

Do you have any further ideas?

I know you are using UDP.write(166). I wanted you to see what it shows on the serial monitor with Serial.write(166). That is a broken pipe.

If the receiving device is not translating the character correctly, that is a challenge on that end. Maybe it is not using the correct character set there?

Values above 127 are in the "non printable" range. Try 124 to see if that is what you are looking for.