Ethernet unable connecting to WiFi

i am currently using arduino nano with a Ethernet coding.I have been tried it can publishing sensor value to mqtt server but i cant sending out my telegram message . Below are my coding, i am guessing that my Ethernet did not connecting up but i didn't know how to check it.

const int TELEGRAM_BUTTON_PIN1 = 2;
byte mac[] = {  0xDE, 0xAD, 0xBE, 0xEF, 0xFE, 0xED };
IPAddress ip(10, 0, 0, 897);
int PINReading;
// ------- Telegram config --------
#define BOT_TOKEN ""  // your Bot Token (Get from Botfather)
#define CHAT_ID "" // Chat ID of where you want the message to go (You can use MyIdBot to get the chat ID)
EthernetClient client;
String data;
UniversalTelegramBot bot(BOT_TOKEN, client);

String ipAddress = "";
volatile bool telegramButton1PressedFlag = false;
volatile bool telegramButton2PressedFlag = false;
void setup() {


// Initlaze the buttons

// NOTE:
// It is important to use interupts when making network calls in your sketch
// if you just checked the status of te button in the loop you might
// miss the button press.
attachInterrupt(TELEGRAM_BUTTON_PIN1, telegramButton1Pressed, RISING);
Ethernet.begin(mac, ip);
Serial.println( Ethernet.localIP());
Serial.print("Subnet mask-");
Serial.println( Ethernet.subnetMask());
Serial.println( Ethernet.gatewayIP());
Serial.println( Ethernet.dnsServerIP());

void telegramButton1Pressed() {
  Serial.println("Telegram Button-1 Pressed");
  PINReading = digitalRead(TELEGRAM_BUTTON_PIN1);  
    if(PINReading == 1) {
       telegramButton1PressedFlag = true;
void sendTelegramMessage1() {
  String message = "Meeting room air-con FCU clogged, please clean it!";
  if(bot.sendMessage(CHAT_ID, message, "Markdown")){
    Serial.println("TELEGRAM Message 1 Successfully sent");
  telegramButton1PressedFlag = false;
void loop() {
  PINReading = digitalRead(TELEGRAM_BUTTON_PIN1);       // take a reading from the optical sensor pin  
  Serial.println(PINReading);    //Full
 // static bool PINReading_reach = false;
  if (PINReading == 1) {
    Serial.println("sent notifcation1 to Telegram");

Below was my serial monitor shown.

sent notifcation1 to Telegram

but it did not success sending message to the telegram group.

attachInterrupt(TELEGRAM_BUTTON_PIN1, telegramButton1Pressed, RISING);

Unless you call telegramButton1Pressed() from somewhere in your code, which you should NOT be doing, the ONLY state that the pin can be in, when the function is called, is HIGH. There is no point in reading the state of the pin.

void telegramButton1Pressed() {
  Serial.println("Telegram Button-1 Pressed");
  PINReading = digitalRead(TELEGRAM_BUTTON_PIN1); 

You should NOT be calling Serial.print() from an ISR.

I do not understand your thread title. You are not using a WiFi shield.

Did you try the library example AS IS (changing nothing more than your access information)?