Ethernet Webserver-Webclient advice needed


replace String width c strings (zero terminated char arrays)

If the code works, what is the problem?

If someone uses a browser to change the code, and the Arduino resets, that change will be lost. Is that what you want?

If not, EEPROM is the solution.


the String class makes dynamic memory allocations and the memory segmentation of heap in the small memory of the mcu is hard to handle, which could lead to crash.

c-string is a char array where the text end is marked with value 0. everywhere where char* or const char* is required it is assumed to be a zero terminated c-string. a const char* s = "123" is the same as const char s[4] = {'1', '2', '3', 0}

functions to work with c-strings are old C functions like strstr, strcmp, strcpy, sprintf etc., or you can try my new library CStringBuilder for printing the c-string the same way you print to Serial or network Client.