Hello from Italy
I mounted genuino yun shiled on arduino uno
i connected genuino yun shield ethernet port to my home router
i shortcutted 2 pins to put mega16u2 in reset mode
i'm running sketch example 'Ethernet-Web Server'
which ip have i to write in the browser to see the web server home page?

Normally you will need to use the ip address given to the Uno by your router - the easiest way to find that is often by looking at the router where it lists ip address and mac address .

thanks Paul

i'm a teacher, i am helping one of my student in his homework

i'm not able :frowning:

i wrote the ip address given to the Uno by my router in the address bar of my browser.

Yun panel page is showed.

The same page which is shown when i write the ip address

isn't it strange?

thanks for helping me

Have you read this article? Getting Started with the Arduino Yún Shield | Arduino

Which ethernet-Web Server example are you using? Can you supply a link as that will prevent confusing different ones?

thanks Paul
i've read the article. i connect yun shield to my home metwork via ethernet port. do i need to connect also wifi port to my home network?
Here is the link you asked me:

i changed mac address value with yun shield ethernet mac address
i upload sketch as follows:

thanks for helping me

The sketch you are trying to use is designed for use with the normal Arduino Ethernet shield that is based on a WIZNet chip. This means the Ethernet library that is used with that sketch only works with the WIZNet based shields as far as I can see.

If you want to use that sketch you will have to adapt it by removing the:

#include <SPI.h>
#include <Ethernet.h>

You will need to add the relevant parts for the Yun based shield:

#include <Bridge.h>
#include <YunServer.h>
#include <YunClient.h>

I'm not totally certain if you need the YunClient or not though.
You will then need to go through all the code and make changes, for example:
EthernetServer server(80);

Will need replacing with:
YunServer server;





just to start with.

Given your trying to help a student and don't appear to have a lot of experience with Arduino and Ethernet, I suspect this is not the best option to get a working example.

Have a look at: Temperature Web Panel | Arduino this is an example designed for the Yun shield. If you do not have a TMP36 temperature sensor then I suggest you put some hard coded numbers in rather than trying to read anything. This should at least get you up and running with something that will tell you if things are working.

You may be able to fund some other examples of using a Yun shield with a webserver, for example: Arduino - Webserver with an Arduino + Ethernet Shield | Random Nerd Tutorials may be a better starting point.

Thanks paul for your suggestions.
I ordered ethernet shield (Amazon). So i can use ethernet-webserver example. But i also study how to use yun shield. I keep you informed. Thanks very for now

hello Paul
ethernet shield is arrived
example sketch 'Ethenet-WebServer' works fine
Now my student can continue his senior project
thanks for help


Pleased to hear you have it working.
I believe you have taken the best course of action for your student, he is likely to be able to get much more help with a "normal" Ethernet shield" if he requires it.

Good luck


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