Ethernetshield und Fritz Powerline

hey guys,

i recently installed my Fritz Powerline DLAN and connected my arduino via ethernet to the DLAN. The problem i have now is, that the arduino connects properly and prints out his ip, but when i enter this ip in the browser, nothing happens and even the arduino doesn't recognize a client input.

I hope you can help me out here.

Kind regards Max

Maybe a firewall or routing issue?

Not really. I have the feeling that the fritz power line makes a kind of "own" network. But with my browser i can't reach that network. In the settings of my router i even only see the directly to the router connected pcs and one power line adapter.

I know about routers "making it's own kind of network". That is my job. :)

What is the IP/network settings the Arduino has? What is the IP/network settings the PC has? Is the PC connected to the router by wifi or ethernet?

The network is build up like this.

I have a router which is connected to the world wide web ;) This router has 4 Ethernet ports and Wifi. The DLAN Home Station is connected to port 2 of the router and sends out the internet signal to the power supply line of my house. In my room there is the DLAN Receiver Station. This station has 2 Ethernet ports and makes his own Wifi. The Arduino now is connected to port 1 of the receiver, my laptop to port 2.

The Arduino and my laptop are on DHCP.

    DebugPrint("The servers IP-Address is: ");

The code successfully prints out the IP of the Arduino, but i can't reach him on this IP.

The IP you posted for the Arduino (none) cannot connect to the PC IP (none). ;)

Arduino is on:

PC on

OK. Post your code.

Thats the important part. The code works if i connect the arduino directly to the router.

void Inomation::Init() {
    /// Start the Serial Connection on 115200 baud rate id debug-mde is on. 
    if(this->debug) {

    /// Try to start the Ethernet connection via DHCP.
    if (Ethernet.begin(mac) == 0) {
        /// DHCP failed so we try it with a fixed IP-Address.
        DebugPrint("Failed to configure Ethernet using DHCP");
        Ethernet.begin(mac, ip);

    /// Give the Ethernet shield a second to initialize:

    /// Start the Server.

    /// Print out the IP-Address of the server. You can reach it under
    /// http://[IP-ADDRESS])/
    DebugPrint("The servers IP-Address is: ");

    /// Initialize RCSwitcher Library for radio sockets (e.g. ELRO or MUMBI)

    /// Initialize VirtualWire Library.
    vw_set_ptt_inverted(true);    // Required for RX Link Module
    vw_setup(2000);               // Bits per sec
    vw_set_rx_pin(rxPin);             // We will be receiving on pin 4 i.e the RX pin from the module connects to this pin. 

The code works if i connect the arduino directly to the router.

What does that mean? If the Arduino is not connected to the router, it certainly won't work.

Nothing in that code responds to a client request. Try using code that does respond. I have code on the playground, and zoomkat has server code on the forum.

A few posts above i explained you my network setup. My arduino is connected to the DLAN station and not directly to the router.

I have a respond code:

    /// Check for connected Clients
    client = server.available();

    if(client) {
        /// Decode the client request
        while(client.connected()) {
            if(client.available()) {
                /// Read the HTTP-Request from the client.
                char c =;
                httpRequest = httpRequest + c;

        /// Give the brwoser time to receive the data.
        /// Close the connection.

You get the request from the client, send no response, then immediately close the connection. Post all your code or this is my last post on this thread.

That code is not an Arduino sketch. That code is C++, like a library. Try searching for my code (link to mine below) or zoomkat’s code. Both work.

In the examples folder you find the sketch. Your example works... i don't understand why the hell mine doesn't work.

My example works. Zoomkat's example works. Your example doesn't work.

Feel free to steal from either of us the parts of our code you require. I don't mind if you steal parts or all of my code, and I'm pretty sure zoomkat will not mind either. He's a good guy and willing to help you.