Ethershield programming

Hello all

I'm really new to all of this so please excuse me if this seems a silly question.

I am wanting to know if I can apply IP information to the Ethershield programmatically.

IE: From my LCD I want to be able to enter all the IP information (IP/Gateway/DNS) for the Ethershield. This is so I can take the project to different locations and connect it to the respective network. No, I don't want to use DHCP as I want to know the IP so I can connect to the web server.

If it can't be done I'll simply display the IP on the LCD as the web server address. Probably a simpler option.

Many thanks in advance for your comments.



If you use DHCP, you can request the IP number that was given by the router. Display that on the lcd. Is that what you want ? That is the normal way to deal with it.

You might send out avahi messages, to give your Arduino a name in the network. I have not done that myself, and I don't know if it is possible. I think they are simple UDP messages.

Before the Ethernet starts, you could show the IP on the LCD, and manually change that with buttons. After everything is set, start the Ethernet with those numbers.
How do you know which IP is okay for you ? Do you want to try thousands of IP number to randomly find a one that works ?