Ethershield...reading input as a server

I've followed the following site:

and I really want to figure out a way to read in different values for the LED. For example if you called the website on the arduino as I want to be able to parse XXX into a variable for use later.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

My suggestion would be to read the request parameters. (Maybe using strtok_r).

Then extract the value from the argument (k1), and parse it, using atoi.

Does that help?

I might be making this a lot harder then needed....

There's only ever going to be a possibility of maybe 4 values for the 2 variables.

It's ugly but I can just hard code each of them. so in psuedo

if { k1=29 value1=29 }

if { k1=12 value=12 }

if { k2=23 value1=23 }

if { k2=16 value=16 }

Like I's ugly but with only 8 ever possibilities it might be ok...