EtherTen + Serial Motor Driver + HELP

I'm really new at this and might have already bitten off too much to chew. If anyone can give me a hand with some basics, that would be great.

I need to hook up an Arduino compatible EtherTen with a Serial Motor Driver shield, to control the speed and direction of two DC motors. I've been searching for ages on how to do this, but honestly, I clearly don't know squat. I've tried all the examples in the Arduino Inventors Kit, so I can hook up the small things.

The project is for a homemade JIB crane, which I plan on controlling with a web app. (Im a web developer and aspiring film maker), but the electronics is doing my head in. I've got two motors to control (one 12kg, 12V, 70mA - 1380mA and another 50kg, 12v, 450mA - 14A). They dont have to operate under full load as the JIb is counter balanced etc).

Can anyone please please help me with a basic idea of what I might need (resisters, transistor etc), and diagram perhaps on how to connect them? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Which Serial Motor Driver shield are you using? Can you post a link?

Serial Motor Driver:

Did you look at the user's guide that sparkfun provided a link to? Looks to me like all your questions are answered there.