Ethnet shield and Arduino

Firstly I have a Swann CCTV running in my garden to protect my shed or see who might want to break into it as I don't have a big fence to protect my property, anyone can walk into my garden.

But because I only have the one camera I wanted to add a Pan & Tilt rig so it could have 180% vision around the garden.

I want to use an Arduino with an Arduino Ethernet Shield to control the Pan & Tilt. Is it possible to use a wireless USB adapter to connect to my WiFi router as the camera is down the garden some distance from my sitting room where my router is situated? The WiFi signal extends right out into the street so its easily picked up out there.

I also want to use a 'Joystick' to control the Pan & tilt and need the code for that.

I'd be grateful if anyone has knows what I'm talking about can help, please.

Thanks a lot.

You can now get ready to go wifi cams with pan/tilt for ~$30 which may be more cost effective than a DIY setup. If you want to DIY you might get a wifi board and set it up as a internet server to receive commands and operate the cam setup.

You can refer to this Pan & Tilt project on Arduino Project Hub