Eurotherm 2416 PID Controller project


I want to give my arduino project to the community if anyone is interested. It was developed to control a reactor setup for synthesizing carbon nanotubes using an oven. The arduino is in control of pressure, temperature, gas flow etc. Here is a stripped down version of the program that will probably be of use if anyone wants to control their Eurotherm 2416 PID controllers using an arduino.

I have created my own ModBus-Protocol read/write application using SoftwareSerial. It is not as full-featured as the already present projects for ModBus Protocols and has of all the possibilities but it is able to talk more specifically to the Eurotherm 2416 PID Controller.

The arduino is used to automatically set different PID-Sets for different setpoint-temperatures, average between multiple read-outs and create standard deviations. There is also a simple communications protocol involved to use the serial console to communicate with the oven: Sending t100 sets the temperature to 100°C. Debug mode of the arduino code can be turned on by sending d1, d2, d3 or d4.

Use the libraries to simplify your PID-controller communication using the Arduino. You can also recover the password from the Controller or do more advanced stuff.

The whole project was stripped down from a more sophisticated one to only include the Eurotherm-specific features. I hope it is generalized enough for community use. I uploaded my project to github if anyone is interested:

Do you also know if there is a central place for posting about the more advanced project this is part of? Maybe somebody also wants to synthesize Carbon Nanotubes... :slight_smile:
I would be happy to give you more detailed information