Even the Craziest ideas.

Where would we bee todays if people had not given a million diffrent crazy ideas.This Fourm should work in levels,first the crazy newbies give idea followed by the senior and god memebers helping to mold it or reform it to a more resonable state.We are a community and i belive that we should not seperate people for giving crazy ideas i think we should embrace them and make it so that we all grow in to one big fam.Tell me when you where a boy was your family perfect?Were you perfect?I know the answer so dont lie.If you want to hear it or not people will always criticis(If i spelled it right)you,Dont be mad just embrace it and say ok aside from all your bs what can i do to make this more of a reailty.
So all of you people with crazy ideas,Embrace them and post them mabye you’ll be the next big thing that every on the fourm is proud of beacuse they contributed. :o

Someone who has not been a member of a board for less than 24 hours should not make broad assumptions like the ones above.

After you have spent some time on this forum, you will find that when people post questions they are looking for advice to solving their questions. Not randomly wild ideas, unless they specifically ask for them.

Please stop posting the nonsense you are posting. Maybe spend more time reading posts than writing them. Subscribe (“click Notify of Replies”) for forums threads that look interesting to you. Be patient and see how questions get resolved.

Crazy ideas are for crazy people and I don’t embrace crazy people except if they’re crazy in love with me and I’m attracted to them. And even then, if they have soldering irons and pliers in reach I’ll refrain from it.


In this section i can post what every i feel like.And ill take you advice dispite the fact that in the last 30 min i got 28 emails form this

In this section i can post what every i feel like

Umm, no you can’t.

in the last 30 min i got 28 emails form this

Yeah my inbox looked pretty similar so please stop posting and filling it up!