Every Circuit....

How cool's this..


All you need is Chrome and it will show my circuit and then emulate it for you :) - this was just an Emergency Blackout circuit, this was to test a 4v SSC P7 14watt or so LED, so driving it at 1 amp was the goal using a power transistor, but you can take that circuit and modify it that's the cool part...

anyway shameless promotion i guess of EC, PS in the end I decided i can't be bothered and i'll just use an Arduino :)

EC's a nice idea but, so far it's been loading for 5 minutes, and shows no sign of being done. :0

Closed it and reopened it. It started immediately!

It should only take a couple of seconds to load at most... sounds like it crashed (I prefer the mobile version over desktop to be honest, chrome's a little sluggish on my machine)