Evo Mini Sensor Hub UART

I'm working on a project that would utilize the [TeraRanger Evo Mini Array Kit](https://www.terabee.com/shop/lidar-tof-multi-directional-arrays/teraranger-evo-mini-array/). We were hoping to be able to interface the Sensor Hub with an Arduino Micro however through our testing we were unable to communicate with the hub and activate the sensor streaming. Essentially as written in the Hub Documentation we have to send a UART command (See Section 5.1.1) to activate the sensor array. I've attached the schematic design which simply wires the following (See Section 4 of the Hub Documentation):
UART pin 2 (RX) - Arduino Micro TX
UART pin 3 (TX) - Arduino Micro RX
UART pin 6 (GND) - Arduino Micro GND
Additionally, I've attached our code which sets the baud rate to 921600, transmits through our UART connection the activate streaming command, and initializes it into text mode (There's additional code in the loop function which reads the output). We've tested our sensors with the GUI provided by Terabee. The hub can be activated however we're unsuccessful through our Arduino Micro. When we send the activate streaming command nothing happens the LED light on the Arduino Micro doesn't even light up.

Do you see any immediate issues as to why we are unable to activate the sensor streaming with our wiring or code?
Through the sample code on the Terabee Github I've only found ROS code or Arduino directly to the sensors.

Any help we could get would help out with our project.


SensorScript.ino (1002 Bytes)


Better image of our schematic