EVSE with arduino ATMega 2560

Hi All,

I am working on open EVSE firmware for EV charging machine, in open EVSE programming was done for 16*2 LCD with Arduino ATmega328.

I wanted to do it with Arduino ATmega 2560. Can anyone help me with the pin out to replace Arduino ATmega328 with Arduino ATmega 2560 in open EVSE.

Thank you.

Open EVSE firmware link : open_evse/firmware/open_evse at development · lincomatic/open_evse · GitHub


I just verified the code under 1.8.12 with the target of an MEGA 2560 and got only a few minor warnings (same as on the UNO). That tends to indicate that it won’t take much, if anything, to get it to run on the MEGA.

It uses the Wire (I2C/TWI) library so those two pins (SCL,SDA) have to move. I don’t think it uses SPI so no problems there.

Are there any UNO PWM pins that aren’t PWM pins on the MEGA?

Thank you so much all, will check and get back.