Example/bridge.ino not working

I have had some success with my Yun. I can send data to a Google docs spreadsheet. But I can not get data to go the other way.

There are lots of tutorials and the example bridge.ino that all seem to work the same way to turn a LED on and off by entering a URL in a browser. But I can't get it do do anything.

I can ping my Yun by Ethernet or by WiFi flawlessly.

If I send something bogus like the browser shows the error "No such File or directory" so something is trying to interpret the command and correctly failing.

I can run blink.ino on pin 8 so I know my I/O pin, LED, and resistor are OK.

But sending or or give no browser response and no voltage shift on pin 8. It is like the command is accepted but not executed.

I have also tried other digital pins.

What am I doing wrong?

In this modified version of bridge.ino “loop” prints repeatedly but “client” never prints. The variable “client” is always 0.

void loop() {
// Get clients coming from server
YunClient client = server.accept();
// There is a new client?
if (client) {
// Process request

// Close connection and free resources.

delay(50); // Poll every 50ms

What version of the IDE are you using?

I am using version 1.6.4.

@SherpaDoug, can you post your complete code that is NOT working? Not the section, but the whole sketch. TIA Jesse