example programs for serial 3 wire 16x2 lcd displays

I’m recently new to this hobby and have some knowledge on C++
I was wondering is there any made code out there that one can kick around to
try out on a spark-fun 16x2 white on blue serial LCD.
Googling madly going around in circles trying to establish what it is I have
and what suits. I have a Arduino Mega 2560 and a smaller Micro which I want to use
in a display project. I have seen many conflicting articles on which # includes <???>
I should have or use , now I’m dizzy.

The sticker on the back Sez…ADM1602U-NSW-FBS/Z
The chip on the back is a PIC 16F-88
Can anyone point me in a direction.


Can you link to the display you are using?

Link to the display.. I take it you mean wiring if so then I have a standard Gnd, Vdd and Rx from the display connected to the mega 2560 TX, 5v and gnd. I assumed from reading I don't require anything else .. or am I entirely incorrect.

Found the solution …SoftwareSerial.h is what I was looking for :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
for the Sparkfun 16x2 serial LCD Display on Linux.
Yay! now to get really bogged in!