example software

I am new to arduino, and like anyone starting out, we look at "official" examples to learn from.
one of the most popular libraries seems to be th Adafruit libraries.
I was trying to learn how to interface to a GSM card and loaded a simple example. As it didnt work, i figured it must be hardware.
My learning curve grew and i proved there was a major error in the example software...no wonder I couldnt get it working.

My point is, does anyone have control over these dodgy examples?.

I looked at some of the problem requests on this section of the forum, and can see others are caught in the same trap.

A quick example is using The arduino com port window to show the status of a GSM GPRS shield. This will not work. It also explains why the sketch will not upload consistently. ..
The example i used to show my GSM was working would never work, how can you talk to a GSM shield and using the same port to send data to the Arduino.

I write this here as i am surprised it hasnt been noticed and documented before(not that a search indicated anyway)
hope this helps fellow newbies with GSM GPRS.

The work around was a software serial port...which isnt fast enough to ddo both.