'examples' in contributed libraries is not shown in File menu.

[Windows 8.1 / Ide 1.6.5]

I have my custom library installed in my user folder (Documents\Arduino\libraries).
In my library folder there is an examples folder just as spec'd.

When I (re)start the Ide, it does show my library (reads the library.properties) but the File menu does not show my example (I have one dummy.ino in there for the moment). It also does not show up on the library menu item under my 'contributed' library name...

What am I doing wrong?


Maybe you placed "dummy.ino" directly into the examples folder?

It needs to be in a "dummy" folder, which is in the examples folder. Take a look at any of the existing libraries to see how their examples are in folders inside the examples folder. You have to use the correct structure for Arduino to recognize the examples.

Duh! That was it. Thanks!