Examples incompatiable

Hello Im new to arduino and recently purchase a arduino uno and a pro mini along with a nodemcu dev kit. I have used the uno and mini successfully using 1.8.5 ide. Now im trying to use ide 1.8.5 to scan for networks with the nodemcu. I used board manager to download the esp8266 programs and boards.
My question is all my esp8266 libraries listed under examples are located inside a incompatiable tab, is this normal, id think not since none of the sketches will complie.

The sketches listed under the File > Examples > INCOMPATIBLE menu are from libraries that specify a different architecture value in their library metadata than the architecture of the board you currently have selected in the Tools > Board menu. Generally this means that you can not use those libraries with your current board. It’s possible that some libraries could be compatible even though they say they are not but that would be fairly rare.

You will find that the majority of the available Arduino libraries work for the AVR-based Arduino boards such as the Uno. Some of those libraries work for any board since their code is not architecture specific. When you use a non-AVR board such as ESP8266 it’s a bit more difficult to find compatible libraries.