Examples & Libraries not showing up in Web Editor

Newbie here.
I bought a MKR Wifi 1010.
I open the web editor and successfully connected to the board.
Problem is: in the ARduino Web Editor, when I click on ‘Examples’ in the navigation panel, I get a spinning cursor in the right hand side panel where the list of examples should be. Waiting a long time, it’s not showing.
Same thing is I click on “Libraries”.
I’m using Chrome. I tried Firefox and get the same result.
Any idea? I do have McAfee installed but turning the firewall off didn’t change anything.

Pointers would be appreciated.



I moved you to the correct section for your Q.

McAfee has been know to cause a few issues with the online editor.
Any reports from your AV should generally be treated as “false positives” in regards to the the editor.

In almost all cases it is resolved by adding the Arduino CREATE plugin locations to your AV exclusions list.
If you also have a McAfee firewall then you will want to let the editor through.

Not sure how current this information is but it should help you out with the firewall.

A list of possible locations.
C:\Users\your name.arduino-create
C:\Users\Bob\AppData\Roaming\ArduinoCreateAgent-1.1 < Name may vary slightly

To see some of the locations you may have to enable “[SHOW HIDDEN FOLDERS](http://show hidden folders windows 10)”
Those locations should be added to Mcafee exclusions.

I don't think this particular problem would be caused by the plugin or antivirus. I can't reproduce it.

Cannot reproduce it here either.
Thats why I think it may be related to his McAfee firewall.

Might not be the AV itself but it certainly could not harm to add the exclusions either JIC.

I can reproduce the problem in Firefox when I have my NoScript extension enabled. When I disable NoScript, the problem goes away. Do you have any browser extensions of that sort installed on both Firefox and Chrome Dom_Phi?

I suppose an ad blocker extension might do it too.

Thanks for the suggestions, I will try a few things. in Chrome and McAfee.

Well no luck. I disabled Macafee AV and firewall, restarted the PC for good measure, disabled the adblock extension, made sure scripts are enabled in Chrome settings. I don't have an extension that would disable them.

This is puzzling.

It is a little perplexing...We have gone through all the common items.
Per's lead was the best so far.

I do remember that it was mentioned about some AV not fully shutting off when told but instead keeping a service OPEN.

When you have McAfee turned off is there anything in task manager or the services list that might still be McAfee related ?

Yes there was a bunch of processes still active so I uninstalled McAfee to remove it from the equation.
Also disabled Windows firewall.
No luck. Same behavior in Chrome & Firefox.

Not sure you needed to go that far but we know for sure its not that in any way now.

Windows firewall wont make much difference as you agreed to an exception during the plugin install.

This one is a real oddball and may have to wait for the team on Monday.

That's ok I can re-install Mcafee once we figured it out. For now I'm able to use the desktop IDE fine so I will do that but I would prefer the web editor.
Another data point: so far I was using my personal laptop so I tried my work laptop(also windows 10) and I have the same behavior so I'm beginning to think it's not really a FW or AV issue unless my house router is somehow blocking a connection which seems very remote.
Thanks for your help and suggestions.

Last update for today. I setup my Pixel 2 as a hotspot to avoid using my Comcast internet, in case there was something weird there but still unable to load examples or libraries.
Finally, I fired up a ChromeBook and tried and got the same behavior.
SO I think I've eliminated a lot of variables on my end and I'm now more inclined to think it's actually a bug in the editor or the back-end.
I'm willing to try other things but I'm running out of ideas.
I'll stick to the desktop IDE for now.

You went WAAAY above and beyond to figure it out...Monday is just around the corner.

well, it's kinda fun to troubleshoot problems:)

We found the issue and it's not due to firewalls but it's a bug in our software. Expect a fix in a few hours

Should be working now

Great, thanks for the quick turn around. I'm at work but I will try it out tonight and report back.

I confirm that it is fixed. Thanks for the quick response.